Moontime Maiden Blessing

Hello, this morning I am thinking of all of us, sisters all….MoonWomen…listening to Brooke Medicine Eagle who is singing

Cleansed by water, blessed by smoke
No longer child, but a woman now
Life giving blood your. Body brings
You bless us all
For you we sing
Blood of your womb gifts your people
You bring forth life now
We honor you
You bless us all
For you we sing

Brooke Continues In Sharing a prayer

Great spirit let us honor our life cycles as woman
Using fully the gifts we have been given
Bring special blessings upon our girls and young women
And upon the elder women who are their teachers and guides.

She continues to affirm that we as women gather energy within our bodies, minds, psyches, wombs each lunation; that energy has the potential to create new life. This sacred gathering of energy that forms within us, for those of who choose not to create human life, is potent for using one’s gifts to bring forth life nourishing creative endeavors, such as arts and crafts of all kinds, creative writing, theatre, dance, song, mentoring, coaching, teaching, service of all kinds….creativity abounds and is magically nourished by our moon cycle….If we choose not to create a human life, the nutrient rich blood flows from our bodies. She encouraged us to soak our pads in water and offer that water to the Mother Earth for her sustenance.
Singing this song to the four directions:

I give awAy this blood to all my relations
And I open my womb to the light
Give away, give away, give away, give away
I open my womb to the light

How would our lives be different if we embraced these truths and made these rituals? If we had a place to gather as women, to share, affirm these truths, to be with these sacred truths together in celebration and honor. This is my Soul’s calling….if we do not have the place and ability to be together, I reach out through prayer and this connection and hold you all In My heart….sharing the words of our dear elder Brooke Medicine Eagle:

Moon lodge:

Loving you dearly…..
Aunsheen Arianna
(My own daughter witnessed me giving my blood back to Mother Earth)

And sharing this book Review: Moon Mother, Moon Daughter

For the past eight months my eldest daughter and I have been working through the beautiful book “Moon Mother, Moon Daughter” by Janet Lucy and Terri Allison.

This fabulous book covers topics such as finding your voice, honouring your body, awakening intuition, expressing creativity, celebrating menstruation, discovering intimacy and sexuality and giving back to the world.

It teaches through mythology, ritual, craft, and lots of mother and daughter activities.

We’ve kept journals of our journey. These have become so precious to both of us.

My beautiful girl is turning 13 this year and I have full confidence that she is entering her maiden years with a solid foundation of self-celebration, inspiring wisdom perspectives and powerful feminine mythology.

And I’ve got just as much out of this journey as my daughter has. Maybe even more.

~ Teresa Bilowus of Red Tent Bournemouth (and she’s a JOYW student!)
Her fantastic blog:

Katharine Krueger ~ Journey Of Young Women
Girl empowerment, parent education, mentor